28 Aug

How to Make a Bedroom Cozy for Your Guests

Entertaining your guests can be hard. Even harder is ensuring that they have a comfortable place to sleep. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to spruce up your guest’s bedroom, these tips will get you started.

Make the Bedroom Warm

Indeed, you want your guests to feel at home so be sure to make their bedroom as warm as possible. The sheets should be clean soft. The mattress has to be cozy too. And don’t forget to put enough pillows on the bed.

Other than that, spread an electric blanket on the bed to keep it warm when the weather gets chilly. And, speaking of electric blankets, visit warmelectric.com to learn more about these blankets and what it means to have them on your bed. While you’re at it, read about some of the most sought after electric blankets and what makes them tick.

Declutter the Bedroom

The last thing that you want is to usher your guest into a congested bedroom. Not only does it feel stuffy but also unorganized. It gives your visitor a bad image about your ability to keep things in an orderly manner. Sure, you may want to have a decoration on the wall, but your guest may view as unnecessary clutter.

Leave the drawers empty. Place a chair and a table in the room. The idea here is to give your visitor the freedom he/she needs to relax.

Place a Reading Light in the Room

Never assume that your visitor may not want to read before going to bed. Consider having a reading light in the bedroom just in case your visitor intends to read a novel or magazine. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that the light is close enough to the bed. The on and off switch should be easy to reach as well.

Place a Robe and a Pair of Slippers into the Room

Of course, your visitor will want to move around freely, and a robe in their bedroom will come in handy. A pair of slippers would allow your guest to go from the bedroom to the bathroom without stepping on the cold floor.

The Bottom Line

With some creativity, it is not that hard to make your visitors feel at home. You may also consider asking your guest how he/she would like to have their room prepared. Even then, these tips will work even for the choosiest of guests.

23 Aug

3 Practical Pieces of In-Home Gym Equipment

It’s hard enough fitting in the normal day-to-day activities like making dinner and giving the kids a bath around that grueling hour-long commute you have every morning and evening, so it’s even harder to think about sneaking out to the gym when the family is distracted enough. Instead, let the gym come to you.

The first is the yoga ball.

This simple, underrated piece of gym equipment is starting out the at home gym on the less expensive end of the scale while also offering a multitude of uses for it as well. Beyond the standard cardio and stretching exercises that a yoga ball offers, it can also become the perfect replacement for that tired old computer chair that’s not doing your posture any favors. A yoga ball can work your gluteus and save your posture at the same time.

The second is a classic –

the treadmill. Jumping a little in price, the treadmill is a dearer but worthwhile investment to have permanently at home if you’re somebody who is serious about exercise but doesn’t want the gym fees or to go back and forth everyday on top of everything else. Additionally, if you’re using a treadmill at home two or three times a week, it will quickly pay itself off and be better value than a continuous gym membership that just seems to grow ever so slightly by the year. Visit Treadmill Trends for more facts on the treadmill.

The third and final is scaling back a bit on price and into the simple but practical category with weights.

Weights, depending on size, weight, and branding, can again be a worthwhile investment to have at home base and, if used regularly, will quickly pay themselves off and wind up better value than a gym membership. There’s a surprising variety in what you can use weights for – from leg exercises to core workouts that strengthen and tone at the same time. Getting a full-body workout from a couple of weights is easy.

If you didn’t think there was a way to get around paying upwards of $40 a week going to the gym, which realistically you’re barely going to use anyway, having gym equipment at home is the solution. All of the benefit, none of the ongoing payment. Win win.