8 Jun

Choosing Your Signature

If you are not familiar with perfumes but you want to hit the fragrance market for the first time, finding a suitable product can be a challenge. With very many brands in the market, you can find it difficult to choose among fruity, floral, or musky perfume brands. If you are out to shop for a great fragrance, you could look here. Meanwhile, here are a few tips to follow:

Before you make a choice

Before selecting your preferred fragrance, it is advisable to understand the basics. Perfumes are available in various categories of fragrance, which you need to know before you order your next product.

For example, fragrances have various names, which are sometimes confusing especially to first-time buyers. However, even with the names, each variation of fragrance is quite different from another. Usually, manufacturers use different names to denote the strength of the fragrance.

Why Sniff?

To determine the fragrance, people use their sense of smell delivered by the nasal cells. By sniffing the perfumes, you finally choose the perfect fragrance for your body.

The Fragrance

While on the skin, perfumes produce different fragrances. The whiff from the bottle is not the only factor to determine the final scent of a perfume. The best thing is to test the perfumes before you buy. Apply a bit of it and wait for fifteen minutes to see how it evolves into different fragrances. In some cases, perfumes can take up to one hour before they evolve completely. So, the first impression is just what it is:  there is a lot more after wearing a perfume. It is advisable to choose a scent that suits you when you wear it.

Testing tips

Start by applying a dab of the perfume on the inside of your wrist. Perfumes are best tested on a skin so it can warm up the perfume and absorb it. When that happens, your body oils react with the chemicals in the perfume, which is why every perfume smells different on every person. Don’t try several perfumes at once because they can congest the smell receptors to assess the fragrances. Apply the perfume on different pulse points such as the back of the knee or the wrist. Don’t rub your wrist for some time to avoid flattening the scent. Spray a bit on the air around you so the scent can diffuse all over for you to feel it.

Avoid scented body lotions during testing; this is important even when you wear perfume anytime. Mixing the scents makes everything confusing so use products without scent. It is also important to keep your perfumes in a cool, safe place without heat and direct sunlight. Remember also to keep the lid tight at all times. This helps your perfume stays at its best.