28 Aug

Dangers of Snow in the Home

Snow might look nice and white and all fluffy, but this shouldn’t fool you – snow is more dangerous than you think. So, when winter sets in and you see the white snow everywhere, you need to be wary of the dangers that it poses, both to you and your family.

Snow is heavy, and it requires a lot of effort to clean up using a shovel. The heavy snow might cause injuries and takes a lot of time to clear, especially if you are doing it on your own. One of the best ways to avoid such injuries is to use a shift from Snow Shifts to get the snow off your property.

Snow might be heavier during the early stages of the winter storms as well as the late seasons. The snow is also wetter during these periods due to the changes in air temperatures that are near the surface of the earth.

So, what are the effects of snow on your home?

Triggers Heart Attacks

Heavy wet snow has been called “heart-attack snow” because using shovels to remove the snow has been seen to cause heart attacks in individuals with heart problems. Every year fatalities occur due to shovelling of snow, something that could have been avoided by use of snow shifts.

The deeper the snow, the higher the possibility of getting heart attacks in homeowners.

So, if you can avoid it, stay away from heavy, wet snow unless you have the right equipment to handle the snow.

Power Outages

As the snow accumulates on tree branches, it weighs them down and places a lot of stress on the branches. With strong winds that come with blizzards, the likelihood of the branches falling on the power lines is high, which means you end up with power.

Staying without power in a snowstorm can be bad since you need to power to heat the home. Without heat, you won’t be able to have heat in the home, and you won’t be comfortable. Additionally, you end up with frozen pipes that can easily burst and cause damages.


Snow on your sidewalk can block the way, and can also lead to accidents. Which is why you need to clear the snow before you can move? Take time to choose the right snow shift to make sure you remove all the snow so that you can make the pathways easy to navigate.