19 Mar

Day Sleepers: How to Sleep Like a Baby

While the rest of us are sleeping, some people work the graveyard shift and have to sleep during the day. Man isn’t meant to be a nocturnal creature, but some are forced by circumstances. If you are part of this group, you need to adapt to sleeping during the day, which can be tough.

Noise and light are some of the biggest issues that you have to deal with as a day sleeper. Some people are able to deal with the noise using earplugs but light can be a tough problem to handle.

Many go to the extent of removing the light from the room so that the natural process of sleep can dominate. Covering the windows, hiding under the covers or adding more blinds mimics the night environment. But if you are out to get the sleep you want, then you need more than this.

A Better Solution

Why go to all this extend only to enjoy sleep for a few hours? There is a much simpler solution in form of a face mask from http://www.relaxationmasks.com/. Using a mask allows you to cover your eyes so that your body can relax to sleep much better. You also fall asleep much faster because this mask mimics a perfect night environment. Many people shy away from this solution because they don’t see themselves wearing a mash when sleeping. This can be due to comfort issues or the thought of looking silly. However, all these are eliminated via the use of the right sleeping mask.

Choosing the Perfect Mask

You need to get a mask that is opaque enough to block out all the light around your eyes. It should be fitting to remove all the light sources.

It should be made out of soft material to make it comfortable around the face. You come across different masks made of different materials. Some are made out of silk, some satin. Some are made of polyester that is less comfortable but cheaper.

The strap should be adjustable and be equally comfortable as the main piece. The strap has different mode of tying, but many people prefer the one that uses a knot as compared to an elastic band.


A sleep mask gives you immediate relied if you are a day sleeper. It can assist you to adjust to day sleeping much better than other methods. However, make sure you have the right kind of mask to enjoy the benefits.