10 Jun

Mosquito Nets Available In Various Trendy Designs

Insects or bugs, like mosquitoes, are really threatening to us because they transmit many diseases. While the mosquitoes bite us, we have the risk of getting infected with any disease. That is why it is essential to use mosquito mesh, especially, during the nighttime, while we are asleep. However, these nets are available in various styles. At bugshock.com, we want to show how each of these products may help you in diverse ways.

Nets with self supporting design-

These nets have special wire-like hoops in order to create a solid structure, which hangs the system as tent. There is no need of some other item for giving support. Thus, the main advantage is that you don’t require using any clip or ladder for erecting the system. Whether you are in porch or in bed, you may use this net easily. However, they are slight heavier in weight because of the presence of poles. If these poles become distorted, then you have to replace or repair it.

Bell-like nets

They look just like a bell as there is a point of suspension, and they spread out extensively for covering all the areas of your bed. Lower part of this net is made of heavy material. You can erect it very simply. The enclosed portion is very large, and thus, you may enjoy the spacious zone on your bed. The design of this net is also very flexible, and you can use it for beds of any size. Apart from it, this mosquito net makes the interior look of your room much decorative.

Box net to prevent mosquitoes

It is rectangular in shape and suits all kinds of bed. However, your bed needs to have a special frame with four corners, if you like to use this net. It allows better circulation of air inside the net. However, the product is little weighty because the fabric, used in it, is significant in amount.

Mosquito nets are usually manufactured with polyester and polyamide. Cotton-made nets are not recommendable because they can get torn. But, they work best at preventing the access of insects. Polyester is also a common material for its strength and ability to resist dampness. No matter what mosquito net you have chosen, you have to see that there is no hole in the structure. If there is hole, then the mosquitoes or bugs may easily enter it.