10 Feb

Planning to paint your house yourself? Here are some handy tips

Are you planning to paint your house yourself so that you can give it that special finishing touch you always wanted? You are certainly on the right track as nothing gives you a greater satisfaction than doing it all by yourself. But your much-cherished project can turn into a messy affair if you do not handle it carefully.

Specifically, interior painting is a very popular do-it-yourself activity to give your home a good look for there is hardly any other better to way to give your rooms a better look than giving it a new coat of paint. Painting is not a specialised job and can be done by anybody. All one needs is a bit of practice and patience and may be guidance from somebody experienced.

Here are some simple tips you can follow to perfectly paint your house walls and be your neighbors’ envy.

Prepare the surface with full care before you begin painting it. Preparing the surface means filling up every hole, crack and other imperfection that the wall has. This part of the work isn’t exactly funny and more like the foundation-laying. If you are through this, you are in for a smooth sail. Please remember that no paint, no matter how expensive it is, can make an imperfect wall surface look great. So, do the necessary work to better the surface before taking up the painting equipment to show how good an artist you are. Looking for the best paint sprayers? Click on http://www.paintsmoothly.com/ for a handy guidance.

Focus on priming the walls as it is mandatory whenever you are up to painting a surface. Putting the primer on the wall surface does the following things: improves the paint’s adhesion reducing the chances of peeling and gives a coat coverage for the painting. If you are not a professional painter, you can use paints that have primers but a dedicated painter does the work of adhesion much better, needless to say.

While painting, the general tendency is to pick plastic drop cloths to shield other surfaces like floors from splashes of the painting but you must go for the canvas. It is durable and reduces the chance of tripping hazard. Canvas can also be kept folded, something which is not possible with plastic sheets.

Take help of an extension pole while using the paint roller. Extension poles can be handy in reaching out to tall ceilings. If your paint roller’s handle has a hole in it, just fit the pole in it and carry on with your tryst with colors. Go for poles having a metallic made as plastic handles can be difficult to control because of their over-flexibility.