3 Sep

How to Set Up a Small Greenhouse

For those that live in the city, owning a greenhouse can be seen as a tough nut to crack. They don’t have the space to do it, and many don’t own a flat rooftop that can give them the space they need to have the best experience growing greenhouse plants.

However, if you have some space in your yard, you can have a small greenhouse that can allow you to extend the growing season or to provide you with all-year-round gardening. Here are a few tips to enjoy a positive experience for a small greenhouse.

Understand the Main Purpose

The first step is to understand why you are setting up the greenhouse in the first place. Are you setting it up for growing vegetables, flowers or a combination of both? This is vital because you need different environments for the different plants. So, why not check here for more information to understand your goals?

The Location

Now that you understand why you are setting up the greenhouse, the next step is to find a location for the greenhouse. The location needs to match what you have at hand and the needs.

Perform some research on finding the right location for the greenhouse in the yard based on the need for light and the type of plants. Have a basic sketch of the yard, and then look at the various things that might affect the placement of this greenhouse. Have a footprint so that you can test various places that might be ideal for your home. Make sure you get a proper amount of light as well as shade for the greenhouse.

Other aspects to consider include the access to water as well as electricity. If you don’t have flowing water, then have a water tank in the home to collect rainwater.

The Size

You also need to consider the size of the greenhouse when choosing the best. The size depends on how big your yard is, and how much space you can spare. Remember you also need to leave space around the greenhouse to allow for moving around or for a chair. Don’t fill the whole yard with the greenhouse, because you won’t have a place to relax while in the yard.

In Closing

Living in the city doesn’t mean that you give up on your hobby of growing plants in a greenhouse. What you need to do is to get a small greenhouse for your yard. However, follow these tips for this project to work out for you.