The Different Types Of Lawn Mowers And Choosing The Right One For Your Lawn

When it comes to planting a lawn and tending to it, the hard part is usually the seeding, watering and fertilizing part. However after finishing this stage and with the lawn already fertile and bushy, relief sets in when harvesting on all the hard work is done in a fun way when mowing is done. With the fact that you have already done the hard work, outsourcing of the lawn mowing may just be something that does not come easily and thus choosing the best lawn mowers for your lawn is vital. There are usually three types of lawn mowers manufactured depending on the time and lawn a person needs to mow.

Walk behind lawn mowers

These are usually the cheapest and the most popular kind of lawn mowers used worldwide. This may be for the simple reason that when it comes to the speed of mowing; it will entirely depend on the speed you want to move in. The cutting width of the walk behind lawn mowers is usually between 7inches and 44 inches and any shorter or longer would need other types of equipment which you can purchase at Depending on the level you are in the mowing world entry level, mid-grade, semi pro or commercial choosing the best lawn mowers which will work best for you should be done. Some of the walk behind lawnmowers you will have to choose from are; reel, electric (cordless,), electric (corded) gas (all-wheel drive), gas (self-propelled) gas (push), Gas (wide area walk), rough cut and hover.

Riding lawn mowers

When it comes to choosing the best lawn mowers for your lawns, the riding lawn mowers should be considered especially if the lawn is big. Cutting grass from a width of 13 inches to 72 inches, you can be able to cut a lot in limited time at a speed of 13 mph. Still when it comes to maintenance, it can take some time before a thorough service is done to it. However with the fact that it makes work considerably easier to do it is the most expensive kind of lawn mowers. Some of the land mowers you will have to choose from are articulating, stand on, lawn tractor, garden tractor and rear engine.

Tow behind lawnmowers

This type of lawn mower is usually best for areas that need to more on large amounts of grass that are considered tough with clean cut edges. Mowing at a speed of 10 mph, one can finish a given area of time without necessarily needing a lot of time. In addition to that even though towing behind is needed, strength is not necessarily needed. With the fact that the grass and other vegetation will stick onto the cutters, it is important to clear the area below to ensure that the mow does not get clogged up. Still to ensure that is works for a long time, regular maintenance services should be done. The average width of grass that it can cut is 18 inches to a maximum of 136 inches. Some of them are gang reel, finish cut and rough cut.