21 Dec

The Right Way to Blow Dry Thin Hair

Blow drying your hair can improve your hair’s shine and allow you to create fantastic hairstyles or simply control your frizzy hair for a well layered and bouncy look. To effectively blow dry thin hair, you need to have the right kind of blow dryer or you might end up damaging your hair by applying too much heat which will burn your delicate thin hair.


Why a good quality hair dryer is important

Hair dryers gets used every day and it is important to find the best quality hair dryer to ensure you will not be damaging your hair by burning them with too high temperatures or dry them out. You should also invest in a good quality hair dryer if you plan on using your driver excessively and want it to last a long time. A good dryer will also cut back on styling time.


Find the best hair dryer for thin hair  

A good quality hair dryer can last you a decade, which is why it is so important to get the right dryer for your hair type. The right hair dryer will also cut back on the styling and blow drying time and will save you a lot on heat protective cosmetics. New and modern hair dryers are created with modern technology that will nourish your hair as it dries. You can read all about the best hair dryers for your thin hair on http://www.hairdryersonline.com/best-hair-dryers-for-fine-and-flat-hair/.


The proper way to dry thin hair;

Thin hair is much more fragile to heat and can dry out and get burnt a lot faster.  If you are planning on drying your hair every day then you need to take the necessary precautions to ensure your hair has a healthy shine and nourished look.

  1. Don’t use a dryer that is too hot. Keep the heat settings low so you will not burn your hair.
  2. Blow dry your hair from a distance of at least 8 inches to avoid excessive drying.
  3. For fine thin hair you should set the stream at lower or you could tangle your hair and cause a lot of breakage when you brush it.
  4. Work your way up from your neck to the front so you will not double dry certain areas of your hair.
  5. Blow dry your hair in sections and device section into strands to ensure you get the most volume.
  6. Your hair strands should be blow dried from roots to ends for a smoother and more layered look.
  7. Don’t linger on the same spots, it could cause burning. Keep moving through your hair as quickly as possible.
  8. Use a heat protectant, even if you are using a lower heat setting. It will not only protect your hair but will also help create fantastic shine.
  9. Get a diffuser for your dryer for a more even drying and air stream control.
  10. When you are done drying your hair with heat, apply some cool air to help your hair become more elastic.


If you want your hair to look perfect then you need to make some time for your styling. Learning to blow dry your hair correctly can take some time but is well worth the effort if you want great looking hair.