6 Apr

Tips To Selecting Ideal Bathtubs For Your Bathroom

These days, bathtubs are essential for a total home. A bathroom needs to be transformed into a spur, as this is the ultimate place to unwind as you refresh your body. Therefore besides other apparel in there, a bathtub is the main focal point. A considerable amount of time and knowledge will help you purchase the most suitable tub for this personal refuge. They come in a myriad of designs, shapes, materials and color, but all you require is a mixture of beauty and usefulness, and by sticking to these few tips, you will eventually be able to make a good decision.

1. Choose your perfect size

It is always imperative to know the size of your bathroom space before you purchase one. Getting one that is suitable for the size of the bathroom is a wise idea. If you are low on space, you may also consider getting a tub that can be supported by three wall sides. Remember it costs less to get a fitting bath than purchasing one, then later resize the bathroom space.

2. Choose a perfect shape

Bathtubs come in numerous shapes, ranging from a rectangle, which is most common, oval, square and even hexagon. All these shapes may be ideal for your space; however, first paying your retailer a visit is advised. They know better how to design a complete space, and furthermore, they are clever in doing several things that will save you cost in the end.

3. Going for the ideal tub material

Typical materials used to manufacture bathtubs range from marble to granite, acrylic, iron, etc. Both materials have their own merits and demerits when subjected to different factors. If you need the most economical tub, for example, going for acrylic would be a perfect move, while tough ones are made of steel. Find one that is not only pocket-friendly but also suits your desires. Over a period now, tubs made of cast iron are gaining popularity in the market for their elegance, strength and durability feature all rolled into one.
Whichever tub you choose, ensure that it the best choice for your bathroom space and matches your bathroom design and interiors.

4. Consider the weight

Tubs weigh differently, depending on the type of material used to manufacture them. For example, plastic ones, when empty can weigh up to only 50 pounds, compared to cast iron bathtubs which can go up to 1000 pounds. Always be sure your floor can comfortably handle the weight of the tub with water and people inside.


Once you have known what best suits you, go ahead and purchase a tub that you have always yearned for. Make your bathroom your heaven as this is your relaxation place after a long day.