26 Jan

Types of sewing machine

Sewing might be quite difficult to do without the availability of a sewing machine. This device helps to make work easier and increases the productivity rate of every clothing company. It is a complex tool designed to bring together fabric and some other materials using a thread.

Today, there are great numbers of sewing device you will find in the market and online, such as mechanical, overlocker, computerized, and electronic sewing machine. While selecting the type of machine that is best for you, here is a simple guide on the types of the best sewing machine that helps to make work easier and productive.

Types of Sewing machine


This type of machine doesn’t need electricity to work and they are regarded as the basic sewing machine because it lacks some of the features you will find in advanced computerized or electronic sewing machine.

The machine requires human effort because it has to be powered via the use of a wheel compared to foot pedal in other machines. In the light of the fact that it works manually, lots of designers often opt for this sewing machine because it is best suited for lightweight and heavy materials and also for its durability.


This type of machine is powered by electricity as the name implies, it makes use of a sole motor that powers the needles electronically. This sewing machine gives you the platform to have a good grip on the fabric and at the same time power it with the foot pedal.

This type of machine has a good stitch type that can be used for plain style or pattern style stitches and it is best suited for different sewing projects because of their durability and quality design.


This is the choice of most designers because it makes their work easier and professional. The machine gives the platform for you to personally input the design you intend to do with the material with a clear LCD display screen to show you what you are doing while sewing.

It has a USB port, thereby you can download a style online and thereafter transfer it to your machine for effective sewing to suit your personalized pattern.

With its great features, it definitely doesn’t come cheap, but it worth investing your money into if you desire to take your skill level to a greater state. It works far better than electronic and mechanical machines because it can sew your materials at a faster rate.